"Put a 'Little Perfection' in your life." 

Welcome to Pint Size Perfection!

With the purchase of my first miniature horse back in 2005 I was hooked. 

 Confirmation, Pedigree, Action, Presence and Disposition are all very important to us when breeding our stock. That is why our horse's bloodlines boast excellence in both the driving ring and the halter ring. We are starting to show in the AMHA and AMHR circuits  and look forward to getting the "PSP" horses out in the show ring.

Here we breed for quality, not quantity or profit. We are very selective about the horses in our breeding herd so that we can do our job to help perfect and promote the American Miniature Horse breed.

Contact Us:

Jessie Skerjanec 

27290 S. Horner Rd

Estacada, Oregon   97023



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